Make HOB your only  source for Eyelets, Wick Clips, Grommets, & Washers


We're Responsive. We're Flexible. Everything we make is guaranteed.  It is exactly what you want or return it. Hassle Free.

About Us

We're set up to respond quickly and to change with our customers as their needs change... without stopping the flow or upsetting the balance.

If you need customized parts in high volume and you need them quickly call HOB. We'll listen to you. We'll make an intelligent assessment. If we think it's going to be a win/win situation we'll go for it. We'll propose.You'll decide.

Once you decide to have HOB make your parts you will be putting into motion a new, continuous flow. All the challenges related to tool development will be ours, not yours.

Our short-range goal will be to produce the parts you require. Our long-range goal will be to become a vital part of your business.

We're responsive. We're flexible. Everything we make is guaranteed. It's exactly what you want or you return it. Hassle free.

About Us
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